The Great Delusion:

The Great Delusion - 2k Video, 7 min 5 sec
Installation View, Microscope Gallery, New York, NY

Custom steel stand, 2k flatscreen, and custom metal tumbleweeds

Video Stills:

A clip:

Full Video for screenings available upon request: 7 min 5 sec


RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Rhode Island Convention Center, RI, May, 2022

Microscope Gallery, New York, New York, July/August, 2022

Experiments in Cinema Albuquerque, NM April/May 2023

Experimental Forum, Los Angeles, CA July 2023

Equinox Mountain Environment Film Festival, NY, September 2023

DocuWest Documentary Film Festival, Denver, CO November 2023

SPE National Conference, Women’s Video + Film Festival, St. Louis, MO March 2024